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Originally Posted by icer View Post
Hi Jan

A vast river, where abouts do you want to visit?
Have been to it's source near Donaueshingen a few years ago.
In fact we were on it this year, did a tour sept up until 22 Oct. places like Tuttlingen, Lauingen, and the Donnau- Main canal
Oh this is a nice surprise Ian I have missed you very much.

Thank you and Ted and Glandwr for your tips, I was going to have a look today, but got waylaid with other things.
I do have a Bord Atlas book, Heike and I called it the Lie book because it was wrong so many times about places being quiet.
I also have camper contact and search for site, but not sure if they are still working.
We never used to plan trips, just knew where we were heading with no specific route plan, but that was when I had a guide sitting in the passenger seat who sort of knew the lay of the land Now of course I have to know where I am going before I start off.

I'm Jan
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