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I am doing this in several posts as it relates to different sub-categories in this Danube thread.

From S. Poland we are not very far from the Danube and Bratislava so I am planning on a visit there and Vienna, which I have visited many years ago - girlfriend there - and like, city and girlfriend.

In my research I came across this nugget for tolls in Slovakia; for Category M vehicles, which includes MHs (Category M, Special Purpose, but normally on UK V5c just M) if the seating is for less than 9 persons incl. driver the MH is exempt from tolls. I do not mind paying but the boxes in different countries and the admin of contracts and pre-payment, or giving bank details, and reclaiming puts me off, so exemption for me is welcome. I researched Austria hoping for similar but no luck.

Slowakia is nice and quite easy for wildcamping. We frequently visit the Tatra Mts.(more hills really compared with the Alps) but do not have to use tolls from here so the info was new to us.

I shall be glad when the EETS(European Electronic Toll System) is fully operationa, but might get short of breath waiting.

Please keep more info on the Danube and surrounds coming.

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