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Sorry, should have actually addressed the point that you raised, totally agree we are ALL responsible and need to take action.

12 weeks away is the biggest excuse for junk each and every years, hundreds of tonnes of plastic and massive amounts of Xmas paper that cannot be recycled due to the shiny surface.

We are using the isolation to ensure just ONE present for each grandchild, and each to be wrapped in recyclable plain brown paper, secured by string not adhesive tape. That way we hope that the impact will be reduced, not eliminated, but reduced, no plastic permitted of course.

Our prime present for each of them is a printed on paper BOOK - those items that no longer seem to be promoted..... We will NOT be buying Boris's biography, but Attenborough's would be good....

"A Life on Our Planet" by Sir David Attenborough publish date October 6 2020 would be a great choice IMO.

Any typo that I make means the errorists win.

Any comments above are only MY OPINION and should be read as that.

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