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He is a person I gave followed for more than 40 years, it may be his film teams but the quality of videos that have been aired have not been surpassed IMO.

His views on the environment have become increasingly clear over the last 10 to 15 years, we all remember his interview with President Obama in which they laid out the route ahead.

Sadly, Trump has chosen an eco-destructive pathway whenever he can, he has never even shown the slightest regard for the natural world.

So Attenborough v Trump is inevitable and there can be only one winner, the environment us now recognised as absolutely central to the younger generations - people that Trump has ignored to his peril.

Hopefully the Trump era will finish very soon, in which case I expect that America will return to sense.

Attenborough is as inspirational now as Diana was 30 years ago.

His demise will provoke national grief. Let's hope it will be years away.....

Any typo that I make means the errorists win.

Any comments above are only MY OPINION and should be read as that.
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