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Originally Posted by eurajohn View Post
He states at the start, the van is fitted with a 12 volt fridge, it is popular now to fit 12 volt compressor fridges not 3 way.

They consume far less current than a 3 way absorption.

The normal consumption quoted for this type of fridge is around 260w in 24 hours.

Unfortunately I can't help with his dilemma though.

yep, you are correct, mine is rated to consume about 385Wh per 24 hours at 25 degrees. No gas, 240V. If I plug into shore power, then it charges the battery and the fridge runs off the battery still. Manufacture states 200 AH AGM battery, using 50% battery capacity, is good for 3-4 days.

I have calculated my requirements to run everything. I have over spec'd my solar panels Wattage requirements by about 100% to ensure I have enough power on rainy days. Based on the power generated in the first two months, the power generated from the panels is not the problem.

My panels can push 20 AMPs into the battery.
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