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It,s Been a while since my last post

Greetings fellow members.
It has been a few months since my last up date on my camper build and me being an old fart I can not find my original post so I will up date here.
because of the dreaded corona virus I have not had any students for months so being still at work I decided to put the tie to good use and pressed on with the camper build, it has now been fully thermally lined with new floor I have ripped out the old van bench seating and fitted some comfy seats out of a Peugeot convertible.
It did mean redesigning new seat mounts but I shoe horned them in, I have installed a baulk head to separate the cabin from the living area retrimmed all of the insides and laid the wiring for the solar panels and the led lighting.
pictures enclosed, all being well it should be completed by early spring next year I plan to pull the lump out strip it and rebuild so it will be in tip top condition for our first round Britain grand tour.
so for now
I will leave you with the pictures
Lord Vader
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