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Originally Posted by KeithChesterfield View Post
Can you help me out on this one please ?

As far as I understand the Toll Tags you get to use in France are identical regardless of the height of your Motorhome.

So any Tag should lift the barrier as you approach regardless of the Motorhome height but they will charge you the appropriate price for your vehicle as Class 2 or Class 3 depending on height.

Someone on another Forum has been having problems, the first time abroad with a Tag, with the barrier sometimes lifting and sometimes remaining down and a Forum Member's reply says that there are different Tags for different Classes and that is the reason for the problem.

I don't believe that's the case and for the majority of normal Motorhomes the Tag we use covers those under 3 metres high and those over 3 metres high and charges us accordingly.

I think the person having problems either has the Tag in the wrong place, the battery is not working correctly or he isn't getting close enough to the barrier.

Any useful input about the situation appreciated.

I have the France and the Spain/Portugal tags. My understanding of the system is that the vehicle must be 3500Kgs maximum and the total height to be 3 metres maximum. I'm sure EMOVIS at Harrogate would clarify for you.

I have however, seen German vans using the tag in France well above 3 metres, so don't know how that works?

Stay Safe. Al.
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