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"Quiet" feed for reversing buzzer

I have fitted a number of vehicles over the years with reversing warning buzzers and have had few problems. The latest ones have all had the "quiet" feed to cut the buzzer out at night time/in quiet campsites. They are (or have been) just as easy to fit: Earth to chassis; live to reversing light; and "quiet" feed from rear sidelight.

On the current motorhome (Pilote G781) though there seems an issue. The rear lights are all LEDs but I don't see a problem with them - they are all 12volt LEDs. The rear side lights are dual purpose i.e. rear light and brake light in the same fitting. I identified the '+ve' to the rear light with a volt meter and connected to that. I tested it with the ignition on and the side lights 'off' and then 'on'. Things functioned correctly but when I started the engine and re-tested it the lights being 'on' made no difference, the buzzer kept sounding. There are no rear running lights with the engine on but if there were that would reverse the fault!

Has anyone an idea? The only difference that I can suggest it that the battery voltage will be higher with the engine running but that should not affect the device which I guess responds to a voltage not an exact <13 volts. Is it an LED issue?

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