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Originally Posted by Penquin View Post
Sorry GMJ you are mistaken.

There is only one tag available to the public, HGV registered firms can get one for each vehicle and they actually are cheaper than the ones that we get. The requirement is to be a registered HGV company.

The one that we have can be happily used in either our car, or our MH which IS over the 3500 kg limit - it is played at 3850kg. That automatically puts it into Classe 2 UNLESS any part of it breaks the IR bean set at 3.05 m to allow for tyre pressure differences. If you break the beam and contact tgem AT THE TIME they have the ability go instantly to a visual check via CCTV that you ARE a Camping Car. They often go not bother with the visual check and simply change from Class 3 to Class 2 without any further delay.

It CANNOT be changed once you have gone through the barrier as CCTV cannot be used to verify without considerable cross referencing - which they are loath to do. So speak up at the time, or forever hold your peace......

The tag battery life seems to be around 5 years which is impressive, but they have to be returned for replacement - they simply send you a new one and a prepaid return envelope.

We used ours yesterday to pay for car parking at a hospital in Bordeaux - unusual because most hospitals have foc car parking.
Yes as I said...there is car one and the one that lorries use.

More info here regarding the 3m height and 3.5t weight limit...

France - Liber-t tag
As long as your vehicle is no more than 3 metres in height and less than 3.5 tonnes GVW you can use any non height restricted lane that has the Liber-t symbol illuminated. A vehicle of this size falls into the Class 2 fee structure. If your vehicle is larger than this then please contact our sister company Eurotoll.

I like to use big words which I don't really understand so it makes me look more photosynthesis!

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