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Doosey of all motorhome insurance clauses

Had the renewal of my insurance which was outrageously expensive anyway last year:
£1050 Premium
2002 Hymer covered for $15k
15000 miles (they wouldn't give me any less)
365 days EU cover (only wanted 90 days)
£250 Excess
Max £500 windscreen with £100 excess.

This year:
£350 (or even possibly £500) excess. The way they've worded the excess is really unclear (possibly an additional £150 because I don't have a UK licence):
£50 Accidental Damage Fire And Theft - Left Hand Drive
£350 Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft Excess - Compulsory Comprehensive

but to top it all - it has this clause:

'Not covered,
For any claim resulting from carrying, preparing, selling or supplying of any goods, food or drink from the insured vehicle.'

So it seems I can't carry or cook food in my motorhome!
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