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Originally Posted by erneboy View Post
That's why we don't live in Ireland any more.

Around 12 years ago sitting in the van one mid summers day at Rossigh looking out over Lough Erne for the third day of incessant rain in a row. I honestly though I was going to cry. I said to Mrs Eb, "I just have to get out of here. I can't live in this climate any more."

It is so beautiful when the weather is nice but that is fairly rare.
We spent about 18years of weekend and holiday breaks at Castle Archdale, even our kids noticed the Fermanagh cloud as we approached.

A local in the Necarne Bar had the perfect reply when a blow in like us was complaining bitterly about the rain, “sure you wouldn’t have the lough to play in if it wasn’t for the rain” he tersely replied to the moaning holiday maker.

Also a factor in us selling up and buying a motorhome to head to sunnier climates once retirement was an option.

Similar to Jean we were due to depart tomorrow for Spain............sigh !


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