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Originally Posted by jiwawa View Post
My husband n I had always said we'd travel further afield while we could (health, insurance etc) then restrict ourselves to UK when EU was too difficult... then restrict to Ireland later.

But yes, those ideals may have to take a back seat for a bit. And the west is indeed beautiful.

Then I'm reminded of our reason for abandoning the west all those years ago, when the kids were little.... A month in the rain....!!

That's why we don't live in Ireland any more.

Around 12 years ago sitting in the van one mid summers day at Rossigh looking out over Lough Erne for the third day of incessant rain in a row. I honestly though I was going to cry. I said to Mrs Eb, "I just have to get out of here. I can't live in this climate any more."

It is so beautiful when the weather is nice but that is fairly rare.

Brexiters. It's your sh1t now. Whatever happens nationally and internationally you own it. I wish you luck. I think you're going to need all you can get and then some. Friday 13th December 2019.
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