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Many more cars on the road in France than in Spain.

Got a short interview from the Gendarmes at a filling station. Where are we going, where have we come from. All much less threatening than the Spanish police come across. Having fretted over the documents we were required to carry and ended up hand writing several and carrying another that our campsite owner kindly gave us they did not even mention it!

On a CampingCarPark site now. Feel a bit sorry for the locals having us "foreigners" from god knows where thrust upon them.

Not going to admit exactly where we are because there was a bit of map reading error between CampingCarParks mapping being transferred to Google maps with forward planning to put into the SatNav! Suffice to say we ended up going West instead of North Chris sussed it straight away but we thought it was the sat nave trying to avoid the mountains or something. When we stopped for a toilet break we realised the error but it was too late so we are doing a little tour of the Dordogne
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