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So glad that you are feeling so positive about your future, Jan. The countryside is food for the soul. When I heard that you were working hard on your German it did make me wonder if your plans were formulating for you to stay in your lovely spot.

Though not as quiet as your village, our situation is very similar. We are on the edge of ours and look out over green fields with a copse of trees next door. We have a natural pond, that attracts all sorts of wildlife, that we bless and then double bless when it needs attention! There is an ancient bridle path directly opposite us that leads to a small river across fields. I love the community spirit of our village. There is a village shop and post office and a school. We have lived there for nearly forty years now.
Chris, after attending a fellow villagers funeral, asked me what I would do if he died as we had heard that the widow was going to move. I immediately said, without thinking, "stay here". I had been so touched by the packed church full of friends that I resolved that at least for the foreseeable future it would be where we lived our lives.
As you say technology is a marvellous help if we are far apart. It can also be turned off
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