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Originally Posted by shingi View Post
A light-hearted subject for us all in these grim and yet to become grimmer times.

Me, now I can cultivate all those vegetables I yearn to grow but never can because of motorhome and other trips as Iíll be able give them the attention that they need. I will visit my 95 year old Mum once a week with shopping for her and to do some housework, as long as Iím not self-isolating. Sheís quite nifty with her IPad so lots of FaceTiming. Iíve got a jigsaw ready to go and my cross-stitch that I stopped doing about 5 years ago. The hospital has suspended us NHS volunteers although I will be ready to spring into action should they decide they want us. The motorhome is tucked up for the foreseeable and I have just put away all the maps/Aires books and campsite books I had out for our month of May in France.

Stay safe all.

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