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Well, Mr Merlin and Mr Motley, I am a bit fed up. I was promised unlimited walks in the mountains when we made that yawningly boring journey away from all my chums. Then along comes master's wheezy chest and it all slowed down but mistress human does her best on her own. Now even she is cutting down on the mountain tramping! She mutters something about "rules and regulations" but I have never heard anything on the pee mail that I pick up on my travels. Mind you the pee mail around here is a bit baffling to be honest. All seems a bit foreign to me. Now them hoomans are looking at road maps again! I was just getting a hook on the local lingo and winning round the local peros with my bitchingly wonderful charms (Charlie the tied up terrier is mine for the taking) and it looks like we are off again.

Motley, I am planning a midnight raid, before I go, to cut through all the fences and chains of my fellow doggos to let them take advantage of these hooman isolation rules and go lock them all in their houses and see how they like it!!! I might visit every other day or so and push a sausage through the letter box though....
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