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Originally Posted by rayc View Post
Together with a group of three other motorhomes we booked a site near Arnham to take in the VE75 and Dutch Liberation Celebrations at Wageningen in May. We paid 30 deposit with remaining 100 by 20th March.
Obviously we are not going to pay the balance as we cannot travel through France etc and who knows what travel regime will be in place. We informed the site that we would be cancelling and were in the circumstances prepared to loose the deposit. We were a bit peeved to find they not only intend retaining the deposit but want a further 31 cancellation charge. Is this behaviour common or are we unlucky?

I know i am saying this with hindsight but it might help otheres.

Maybe one should say 'we are prevented by law from travelling' instead of cancellation' explaining that your visit to them was partof a 10 week tour, starting next week.

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