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I'm fairly sure we're a good deal better off here in rural Spain than we would be at home.

Though I don't know what shopping here would be like. We're leaving that as long as possible. We normally shop once a week but we did it twice last week, and we always have a freezer full in the van's fridge freezer. It's American so the freezer is big and we reckon now that we could manage for maybe another three weeks. I am short of beer, but Mrs Eb has keeps a fair few bottles of wine. Overall we're pretty well fixed and content enough. Spent an hour with the dogs in the campo behind us here and didn't see anyone.

Brexiters. It's your sh1t now. Whatever happens nationally and internationally you own it. I wish you luck. I think you're going to need all you can get and then some. Friday 13th December 2019.

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