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Originally Posted by erneboy;3079403[B
]Why politicise it? [/B]

Presumably those EU countries are talking to one another and will co-ordinate on things that might effect one another, such as closing borders.

I expect that even the UK, which is not an EU member, may discuss anything of the sort with the EU too.

Well Macron introduced the subject of the possibility of the EU dictating closures, I was merely commenting on that possibility.

Now see this

"16:56Why EU doesn’t like border closures to fight pandemic

Kevin Connolly, BBC Europe Correspondent

The Czech Republic has banned foreigners from entering the country and all Czechs from leaving, from midnight on Sunday.
Any suspension of the right to travel without showing a passport across borders which have become invisible is bound to cause a tremor of alarm in Brussels.
Freedom of movement across the borders of those countries which signed up to the Schengen agreement is one of the EU’s most prized achievements.
The official view of the EU institutions is that the answer to a crisis like coronavirus is more co-operation between member states, not less."

So it seems to be in the political arena without my comment on an obscure MH forum.

So I plead 'Not Guilty' to the charge that it was I who politicised it.

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