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Originally Posted by KeithChesterfield View Post
I have Heart Failure and have a pacemaker fitted and with a few tablets daily I keep pottering along.

My Heart Failure Specialist Nurse (it's a bloke before you get too excited) suggested I go to Cardiac Rehabilitation classes to do structured exercise to try and improved the strength of my heart.

I did 16 classes over 8 weeks and now I've moved on to doing exercises in a Gym.

The plan is to start with easier exercises on the gym equipment and gradually build up and add on extra work as I, hopefully, improve.

After my first session today with a recumbent cycle, rowing machine and arm bike machine I feel knackered but also uplifted that it is almost certainly giving me some future benefit.

Has anyone else been on these courses and, if so, did they feel it benefited them ?

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In answer to your question yes definitely, I had had two strokes and stent fitted and was very nervous about how much exercise I could do. After attending the Cardiac Rehabilitation program I decided there wasn't much exercise I couldn't do after the exercise regimen they put you through. Now here in Spain were we now live I spend a lot of time walking the dogs in the mountains locally to keep fit, then tapas and a beer at lunch time ,it's a hard life but someone has to do it.

As I'm a dyslexic and I've had two stokes you are going to see spelling/grammar mistakes, so please don't act superior and point them out!

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