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Originally Posted by campervoyage View Post
We just bought a P650C in Germany. New 2019 model on Fiat Ducato base. Don't know if this reply is too late to be of use to you but I just checked the plates (or whatever they're called) under the bonnet.

Fiat plate has FCA Italy SPA and 4 lines for weights:
3650 kg
6150 kg
1- 1850 kg
2- 2000 kg

Pilote plate has 5 lines:
3500 kg
6000 kg
1- 1850 kg
2- 2000 kg
3- kg (nothing, I guess reserved for double axle rear?)
I think the OP knew all of that. What he wanted was the actual axle weights in the unladen [MIRO] condition as the MH was delivered from the manufacturer. As I said before there is no chance of him getting that.
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