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"EU citizens must apply for their Spanish residency if they spend more than 90 days in Spain".

I think this is right:

But I have seen no evidence that anyone cares. It might be enforced on vagrants or criminals caught in the act though otherwise you'd be unlucky to fall foul of it, at the moment. I don't know whether Brits in Spain might find themselves under closer scrutiny after the end of this year.

Any kind of registration of practically anything in Spain requires an address really. I'm not sure if a camp site would do. I'd doubt it though. It's all very relaxed till it gets official, then rules are rules and are often varied from one place to another.

You could have a problem if you're logged into the EU after December. For now nobody will know when you arrived unless you tell them or they ask at your camp site or follow your cash withdrawals or something of the sort. I don't think that'll happen unless you're under suspicion of some sort.

Brexiters. It's your sh1t now. Whatever happens nationally and internationally you own it. I wish you luck. I think you're going to need all you can get and then some. Friday 13th December 2019.
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