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Originally Posted by greygit View Post
I dont want to be the bringer of doom but is it worth thinking too far ahead with the state of the planet?

Back to the post, can various countries ( I'm thinking Spain here) accommodate more and more motorhomes?
This year, in the area we live in ,wild camping is going totally over the top, in fairness to motorhomers the local campsites are bursting at the seams so perhaps it's up to Spain now to invest in more campsites.
Perhaps Brexit will change the length of stays for campervans particularly if pets are involved so lessening the the number of vans in the equation?
Only scrupulously honest Brits will limit their stays in motorhomes in Spain I think. The rest will very likely just take the chance of being asked to leave is my guess.

In any case Brits make up a very small proportion of the total number of vans. My experience of helping out at a busy aire in Spain leads to me to believe that Brits might make up as little as 1%, possibly less, of the total number.

Brexiters. It's your sh1t now. Whatever happens nationally and internationally you own it. I wish you luck. I think you're going to need all you can get and then some. Friday 13th December 2019.
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