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Originally Posted by JanHank View Post
Not everyone is reading my home thread, more people might be interested in Netflix though.
I downloaded it on Monday and have been watching more of "Anne with an E" free of charge (I was watching it at Heikeīs). If I want to carry on with Netflix then after 30 days I start to pay 7.99€ a month.
"Anne with an e " is "Anne of Green Gables" . in case you didnīt know and I am thoroughly enjoying it, better than all the blood and guts and fantasy stuff Netflix has.
I have never read the book and didnīt realise it all happens in Canada, but I bet there arenīt many who have never heard of the classic.
There are 3 prices for Netflix in this country, maybe the same everywhere I donīt know.
I use it on Lizs sons membership, if Heike has friends and family you may be able to share for freepence.
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