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Ok ... I now have to stop and recheck.

Note....My VAN is the auto transmission. ( I could see how people could be getting fill levels wrong)

My manual says 2.7L with Tutela Matryx for the Transaxle.
I was thinking that was the rear axle and not the gearbox?
But the rear axle sounds wrong...

Wow...this transaxle looks to be connected to the gearbox?
It sounds like there are two different fluids here...with different volumes!

The manual does mention two different fluids.

My manual says 8.2L for the auto gearbox.
But I will measure what comes out. If there is a dipstick, I will use it also. I expect around 2.5-3L? (note. this is not in the Fiat owners manual that I have or in Fiat eLearn that I have.)

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