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Hi John.

Australia. Gday mate!
It is the RH drive version.

I do have a 2006 Ducato 2.8 JTD with auto transmission.

Good point. I did assume he was tallking Autotrans like mine.

When I read the OP post, it sounded similar to my auto transmission.
eg. the location of the ZF auto transmission located passenger side of engine bay.

Mine is the auto with sequential manual shift.
I think this was the forerunner to the 6 speed Comformatic gearbox?

Think I have the ZF4-HP20 auto gearbox.
The volume of ATF fluid says 8.3l in my fiat owners manual.
I got a ZF4-HP20 auto trans manual and it says Up to 3l drain of ATF fluid.
Hence the 2.5-2.7 OP mentioned sounded about right.

I cannot see the actual ZF gearbox code yet as it is obscured in the engine bay by the air filter box and various pipes from the intake.
But his comments...sounded same as my Maxi VAN.

This has all arisen from me having to replace a split rh side CV boot.
I have been avoiding pulling the whole right it meant a ATF oil change approx 30K early!
Was trying to just do the RH drive shaft/axle and leave the intermediate axle in the auto gearbox. ( thus delaying the ATF job until it is really needed)

Of course...we have bushfires all around Australia , hasn't rained in 10 months and where does it decide to bloody rain just when I have half the van apart?....outside! lol

I have been stuck .... separating the intermediate axle from the rh axle as it won't separate out of the cup.
Cannot work out why?
I followed Fiat eLearn manual ... but it seems to fall short .... the service guide I have.

Anyway, Are you sure OP was not talking about the Auto transmission model?
It does sound similar/same as mine.

I will remove my airbox as i need to confirm my Auto Transmission model .... I need to anyway if i am ever going to do an ATF oil change.
I cannot see things like the auto dipstick.
Cannot see the Breather plug others refer to.
I need to remove the items OP Tiffy said to see my Auto tranny better.
I do spy a blue knob/cap on the top about the size of a £1 coin . Hoping that is a modified dipstick? Unsure at this stage as that is not in the ZF manual either.

It's a magical mystery tour it seems!

I certainly need to find out.
I cannot really put it off any longer. case it really decides to really rain here.

If anyone has any other info on this gearbox, it would be great!
This is a VERY technical vehicle...for a van!
They must drive their vans very fast in Italy! lol
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