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Report of Jans breakdown

Tomorrow we will know more about the Navajo. As it was Friday afternoon nothing gets looked at until Monday,— tomorrow.

Although it was a dreadful shock when the van just stopped in the road and would not restart, it just said no engine when I tried, it was so lucky it didn’t happen on the motorway where there were many roadworks with single line traffic, that would have been the worst thing that could have happened. It had also been pouring with rain for quite a long time, but at this point had eased off. If Heike had not been driving the Forester behind goodness knows what would have happened. She did everything very efficiently ringing the insurance man and then all the rest, she is a Wonder Woman. Within two hours the pickup truck arrived and an hour or so later it was ready to take away, which had to be done behind the truck because we don´t have, or if we have I have never seen it and he couldn´t find the special hook to attach the tow hook to that pulls it up onto the trailer.
What a girl she is, the back of the car was full of stuff, from 2 Apple computers in their boxes, 2 suitcases, a sewing machine, 2 folding garden chairs and loads of jackets plus lots of small stuff. We then gathered up what was important for me to have and Motley was on my lap in the front. We soon realised this was no way to travel 200 km. and she quickly found a place to stop and repack everything to enable us to reinstate the back seat where Motley and I could sit. The back of the car was piled to the roof and front seat chock-a-block full. She then drove non stop home with rain the whole way.

Motley and I have a nice room to be in for the winter time, several people will be keeping a eye on the house and 2 have keys to go in to check during the winter months. I have left the heating on frost and this should be fine. Both Heike and Jürgen are glad to have me here and I am having a lot of cuddles from them both all day long.

We have a nice grass area right outside the house where we can walk and Motley is enjoying the sniffs because there are more dogs around here than there were at home and hopefully when the rain stops he will be meeting more dogs, and people of course, but its been raining almost non stop since we got here.
I’m still a bit `shell shocked´ from the experience and am not looking forward to having to go back 200 km to fetch the van, which won’t happen until the earliest next Friday when Heike has no work. I will of course let you know as soon as know what what wrong with the engine.

When we got home we remembered the fridge which had to be left full including the freezer compartment that was packed tight with meat, I had left it on gas and thought maybe they will turn off the gas at the bottles, so Heike rang yesterday and spoke to the office to ask them to plug it into the electricity and go inside to turn the fridge to electric, hopefully they did it or otherwise we will have a mess. Tomorrow we must make sure they have done it.

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