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Just in case

In case anyone is wondering what's going on with me .

I am very slowly emptying the workshop of a lot of treasures / rubbish.
Today I earned 75.40€ from copper, brass and other metal bits
Can´t remember if I told you the small lathe has gone to our little mechanic and the farmer across the road bought all the Triton woodwork stuff. There is so much more to sell, for instance a tig welder, an ordinary welder. a generator, car roof box and roof rack, a mobility scooter (left to Hans by an old friend in England and Hans never had the heart to sell it.) Shades ramp and the biggest headache, the Student lathe with all the attachments. There´s also his precision measuring tools, micrometers of every size, and other things I forget the names of for the minute, but who uses them these days.

My plan for the future is to move down to Heike´s area, Rheinland Pfalz where I will be closer for France and Spayne where you people seem to go mostly so maybe I will meet some of you while I'm there.

Next Friday Heike will be here on the train, we will stay until about 3-5th October and then I will go back with her in the Navajo, how long I will stay I am not sure, but in February there is a plan that I meet the Laddie in Luxembourg and he will guide me through France into Spain, but it´s not a plan written in stone.
The farmer across the road has shown interest in buying the house, depending on the price of course, I will get it valued and then we will see what he says, it would save me a lot of worry and trouble if he does buy it, sold before put on the market, not many can boast of that.

It´s still hard to believe, but I must.

I'm Jan
We learn something new every day.
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