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Ferries in Norway are expensive. With a MH you pay the same as a car up to 6m in length, after that the fare TRIPLES!!
Just be aware that Norway is VAST and distances on a map are deceptive! If you take the map of Norway, stick a pin in it at the bottom and rotate the map the top of Norway will land around Barcelona!!! (Get a map and try it, the country opus enormously long but only 4 miles wide at one point)
Itís a great place to wild camp anywhere thatís more than 100m from a house is fine. There are lots of ďlay-bysĒ that are actually old sections of road that are ideal for overnighting. When went there was only a single Aire in Bergen, basically a shipyards car park. With a rear bed we were actually over the water when in bed!
Itís also an eye wateringly expensive country, take as much food, especially meat, as you can. Or go vegetarian, and donít even THINK of buying alcohol there, it will bankrupt you.
Now the good bits.
The scenery is staggeringly awesome. Pictures just donít portray the epic scale. There is an organised trip thatís called ďNorway in a nutshellĒ itís not cheap but it does all the ďtouristyĒ things and IS worth doing.
If you are reasonably fit be sure to go to Preikstolen itís a good three hour hike up to it but boy is it worth the effort

Have a look at the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo, if you look at the cost of the Oresund bridge (about Ä90 EACH WAY for a MH) plus the fuel cost for the mileage involved then the ferry represents good value. If you DO go that way be sure to wake early and enjoy the trip up the fjord to Oslo, one of lifeís ďnot to be missedĒ experiences!
There is only about a single campsite at Copenhagen, you MUST book in advance, they turned at least 10 away in front of us because they didnít have a booking when we visited a few years ago. (We had been warned so HAD booked)


Its not the destination that matters.

It's who you share the journey with (even if like me, itís in a caravan!)
I am very fortunate to have Mrs Plodd to share mine with

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