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Originally Posted by Steve616 View Post
Sorry to dredge this up again, but now that you're a few years in. How is it going? I'm really tempted to do this on my tag at Arapaho. Unlike the others, I've had mostly stable experience, but one hairy journey in high wind that was pushing me all over the place especially when passing large vehicles. This tends to happen at high speed on French toll roads at 130kmh though. Slow down to 100/110, less so, but when you're travelling for 6 hours the additional 20kph makes a difference. Thanks, Steve.
We had the Full air tag axle ALKO X250 VB Air system fitted June last year, its has been great. The drive difference is exceptional and the ride height and road noise have been increased, levelled and reduced.

Only one problem, its now 1 year in and we are stuck in Belgium with 3 blown rear bags due to rubbing on the ALKO chassis. No warning just alarm went off on the road at 1800 on a Saturday evening @ 70mph.

Pulled over to find air compressor working overtime and tripping out with main battery draw so high we had battery level warming of low voltage.

Left hand side of van on the floor with right hand side rear only working on one rear bag.

Recovered to local garage but we know they could do nothing as VB problem so paid extra to recovered toVB dealer in Belgium.

Currently camped outside dealer waiting until Monday when open. Not holding breath as its august and VB Air closed worldwide spares etc for middle 2 weeks.

Couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Main question, if full air and bags blow you can drive as suspension is flat, holiday gone, kids shipped back to grandparents, parents stuck in Belgium for foreseeable future.

Bad install? Wrong Product, Bad Timing


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