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Originally Posted by Dougaitken View Post
Hi Ray
If you try it I think you will find that that if you use the Barclays card reader when with NatWest it works and Vice versa. It seems that you can possibly use any banks card reader irrespective of the bank involved. Doug
Thanks Doug, never realised that and have been carrying two of our three card readers around when travelling, Au cas où.
But it's still a faff. Especially when we are travelling and my wife might have the phone that gets the code thats at home on the charger?

Yes I rarely carry much cash about and mostly use one of two CC's. But as you say sh1t happens and it usually happens when your away from home. Like the speeding fine and paying for the accommodation, etc.

I can't feel happy about using my phone for any financial transactions. Thats just me mainly because of hearing and or reading about so many scams. I much prefer to use a laptop within my accommodation limited to it's WI-Fi or even Ethernet. Yes I am extra cautious now.!!!!


The FSA licensed a twice convicted fraudster to handle our life´s savings. Guess what? He robbed us of £750,000.
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