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Originally Posted by KeithChesterfield View Post
But as I attempt to find a good deal I get bemused by the range of questions asked by different companies.

I've avoided comparison web sites and stuck to the insurance companies mentioned on Motorhome forums but it's like pulling teeth to find the best/better quotes Ė does a glass of red or amber nectar close to hand help in any way?
Youíre not alone, they do ask the daftest of questions - and often (in my experience) have little knowledge of why they are asking them when challenged.

The top two oddities for me were:
1. CaravanGuard - insisted that (after ten years as a customer keeping a large, moderately high value motorhome on the drive) we couldnít keep a new higher value one there at all - it had to be in storage when not in use.
2. CaravanGuard (again) - could I confirm if my proposed CASSOA Gold storage site could be seen from the road? (They advertise their services widely).

A glass of beer or wine is always helpful.

I now insure via NFU - not the cheapest, but easily the best to deal with in terms of arranging the cover. No claims experience, thank goodness.


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