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Originally Posted by dghr272 View Post
The bean counters run the show now Andy, cost benefit analysis wins every time. You were the cheap option, sounds like they did you a favour.


Anyone interested had to put in a “request” and then they would all be considered and a decision made after about three months.

After three WEEKS I said to Mrs P that regardless of whether I got voluntary redundancy or not I was still going to finish as by then I had, in my mind, already left AND I had enough of the petty politics/back biting and, worst of all, having to deal with some councillors who were legends in their own mind (and nowhere else!) One of the best life decision I have made.

Although I get to 65 next week I have to wait until May next year to get my state pension (65 & 10 months) I do have my Police pension now though. Before anyone leaps in about “Gold Plated” it’s not a “free” one, I did have to pay 11.5% of salary for thirty years to get it

Mrs P is one of the unfortunates who had their pension date moved from 60 up to 66, NOT a happy bunny!


Its not the destination that matters.

It's who you share the journey with (even if like me, it’s in a caravan!)
I am very fortunate to have Mrs Plodd to share mine with

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