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Originally Posted by MyGalSal View Post
We have an Atera Strada DL3. Itís terrific. We got a 3 bike carrier principally to give us clearance to open our back doors (BŁrstner City Car) on a Fiat Ducato. It has a slide and tilt mechanism. Brilliant. So there is plenty room for handlebars on our electric bikes. However, I donít know how much room the two bike carrier would afford you. We also had spacers fitted to our towbar.
We also had this carrier on the back of our previous M/H an Autotrail Scout. This has the spare wheel carrier on the rear in a moulding. I've got a full suspension MTB with particularly wide bars and when on the inside rail, the handlebar naturally sat just in front of the 1 O'Clock position of the spare wheel with no problem and clearance between the end of the bar and the rear of the van itself

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