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Originally Posted by nicholsong View Post

Looking at the video Basia would be screaming at the driver "Do not go so close to the edge!" I have heard it in my ear - often, on the mountains of La Palma and Madeira, as well as in the Pyrenees. She forgets that we Arto drivers take care of our precious steeds.

Which is why she refused to go on that train when we were there, much to my disappontment. We did go on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchuch railway - in the Queen's carriage - but that is all at sea level

Tell Jayne to enjoy it.


Thanks Geoff . We've seen some of the routes you take your MH , no wonder Basia is nervous . I will have to do more intense research of places of interest close to where we are travelling this year, before we go; typically we usually find out after we get home . We missed that train ride and last year we were parked in a Camping Car Park in Porte Puymorens, an aire in the middle of nowhere and beside a small campsite as well. I wondered why they were there - when we got home we found out. A young peoples activity center about 1/2 mile from where we were . 12 zip lines across a lake, forest tree walks, mountain climbing etc - made for you!
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