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What does your handbook say??

If it’s an option it will be explained in it.

Bit concerned about your comment concerning tyre temperatures (or did you mean pressure! A rise in pressure of 15% is fine) Just how high were they?? To get seriously high on a decent the heat can only have come from the brakes so they must have been close to smoking!! On a long steep descent you should always be in as low a gear as will maintain your road speed to what you want. DONT brake continually, use the brakes positively to bring your speed down to lower than you want, then release them (so they can cool a bit) use the engine braking for as long as possible THEN re-apply them after your speed has built up. (When you say they were “Too high” what temperature where they?

You do know you can set your tyre-pal system to give an alert once the tyre temps reach a point YOU programme in? Can’t remember what temp Tyre pal suggest to set the alarm at but I do remember thinking is was pretty high!


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