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Originally Posted by MeFeinMcCabe View Post
...for loads of reasons based on regular contact with them on sites mainly in France and Germany.

However we went on a wee trip recently up to the Belgium/Dutch border staying at places around Sluis, Hulst and on the coast at Cadzand Bad.

Now we usually bypass Flanders Zeeland on the way up through Antwerp but I'm glad we stopped. Lovely towns with a rich history and we stayed at what they call mini camping small sites with decent facilities many in rural locations.

The people we met were all sound, so if you get the chance stop off on the way through, you will enjoy it.
Funny isn't it? Our experience of the Dutch in France is the complete opposite. Always found them friendly and polite and one couple we met even came to visit us on the Isle of Wight. Lots of campsites in France are Dutch owned and in my opinion better run than many of the French owned ones.

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