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Originally Posted by Penquin View Post
I have had a copy of that for years and it is a part of my Bible for the MH......

I will never allow ours to drop below 12.5v as like others I am concerned that some damage may be initiated.

I believe that if you have "cheap" batteries they are more susceptible to damage at lower voltage as the surface of the plates is less stable.

It does depend on the exact type of battery, but to me, err on the side of safety and the battery bank is likely to last longer......
12.5 is quite a high limit to set yourself Dave. Should be ok well below that. I find that ours can be full charged then after a heavy day or evening of usage it can be down to 12.3, 12.2 or even 12.1 by midnight. It's back up to full by lunchtime though in summer on the solar. Never seems to do any harm and I don't half batter mine.

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