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Itís been a hard Lent

Next doors tree blew down in the gales

Landed on the van

Luckily our ivy clad wall which also landed on our van, protected it

We payed half towards the emergency tree surgeon , why I havenít a clue, his tree, but there you go

Donít you wish you had neighbours like us ?

So two hundred pound down

And the pond started to leak big time

So it all needs to be sealed

Starting with the filters where we will put the fish whilst we tackle the main pond , a seriously big pond

Young Albert helping, £6 an hour, plus meals , plus smart phone time ,

The weather is great at the moment

Waiting now for the seal to cure

The fish?

Well they are still alive

Next door has two dogs and we cannot enter the back garden without excessive barking

Which at the moment starts at 8 and goes on till five , mon- friday as we are in the garden

Shadow is useless

I thought an aggressive bark or two would shut them up

But he ignores them

The front garden is his domain to protect

The van, the tricycle well in the background now

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