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My experience is the same as Ray's, insurance for a limited time but checks by company every month....

In daughter's case they got VERY awkward and would only insure for ONE MONTH.

Sadly, because of this treatment, once the vehicle had completed its registration they refused to accept the UK certificate of No Claims discount and wanted a certificate less than two months old..... which as they had been insuring the vehicle on a monthly basis for 5 months could not be supplied.

Went to a different insurer and were only asked for proof of NCD in U.K.

So watch out for such things, IMO insurers in the U.K. are the most flexible, but they insure the person e.g to drive other vehicles with 3rd Party cover, that does NOT exist in France as the vehicle is insured for ALL DRIVERS with some restrictions e.g. age, valid licence (obviously). That is important if vehicle >3.5t as only pre-97 licences cover automatically.

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