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Originally Posted by Penquin View Post
Are you aware that under French law ANY vehicle that you own or have on your property has to be insured? Even if it is in an un drive worthy state....

A friend of ours had a non functioning Range Rover that was in the garage to be repaired "slowly" as the garage could not do it as many of the faults were down to the,... (long but totally reliable story). Our friend gave him the vehicle after a few arrangements were made about "payment in lieu".

One night the RR was "stolen" from the garage using the keys from the locked key safe while the garage owner was in the UK. Our friend was able to prove that he had passed the ownership to the garage ( in writing). The Gendarmes found the RR late that night blocking a roundabout hence they had contacted our friend (the previous owner). He therefore declined all responsibility.

The Gendarme went away and came back two hours later 'cos the RR had been stolen again from the roundabout ( presumably it ran for a few minutes and then stopped). It has never been seen again.

The Gendarme wanted to take action as our friend had stopped the insurance. We also had a problem when our MH was apparently uninsured for 10 months as the company had decided to stop insuring over 3.5t vehicles, but had never got round to sending us a letter to tell us ( they admitted that). Fortunately we had the windscreen sticker to prove what we said ( they SHOULD have sent us a registered letter requesting it's return when they made the company decision). They also confirmed that insurance MUST be held on all vehicles even if they have no engine or wheels but I suspect this gets ignored for the hundreds of rusted wrecks that seem to fester on farms.......

Typical left hand and right hand IMO.

Just make sure you have insurance when you have ownership.......

Yes, I was aware of this. It came to my attention when I realised my wife was still insuring the Land Rover, the Renault Trafic, the BMW etc etc. I put a stop to that. I thought (and still think) it is a conspiracy by the insurance companies to divest you of any money you may still have in your bank account.

I was once stopped by a Gendarme for not displaying my numberplate correctly. He wanted to see paperwork - identity, insurance etc. I had non on me, but was only a few hundred yards from my house. I effectively invited him onto my land, whereupon he started taking down all the registration numbers of my vehicles, probably thinking (hoping?) they were stolen. Non of them were insured, and I didn't hear anything back from him over this. He did nick me for the numberplate, however!

I do think, however, that I will insure the MH as soon as I take ownership, if for no other reason than the value. Talking if which, have you any recommendations for insurance cover? I intend to register the vehicle in France, as whilst maybe longwinded, once it is done, it's done. The alternative is easier initially, but complicates the situation long-term.
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