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Originally Posted by Pudsey_Bear View Post
I thought the auto door locking was introduced to stop doors bursting open in a collision, keeping the occupants inside the vehicle.
ALL passenger vehicles have been fitted with “anti-burst” door catches (note not locks) for many many years now! I cannot EVER recall attending a crash where the doors have burst open, in fact it’s the reverse, they get wedged SHUT and can be an absolute ******* to get open.

That’s why I have one of those “window hammers” fixed alongside my seat so IF I ever am in the situation I can smash the SIDE window to get out. Don’t ever try to smash a windscreen, they are all laminated these days and a sledge hammer won’t smash them enough to gain access.

Plus of course most vehicles now have electric windows so, in the event of the battery being smashed in a crash, you cannot operate them!!


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