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Just a couple of minor errors from a scientific background.....

While I agree with most of your definition, elements are rarely named after individuals now but after places where they formulate or foundered, so in this case it would be Parliamentium as the total composition there fulfills that characteristic definition.

Secondly, as a biologist I must raise a major objection to your utilisation of "Amoeba" or more correctly "Amoeba proteus" in this definition: Amoeba proteus is a simple single celled organism that has survived for very many millions of years (we do not know it's exact birthday as such organisms do not feature in the fossil records). As such any comparison with "Corbynium" is unfair to the Protoctista of which Amoeba proteus is an example is impossible to accept, as it is very unlikely that the name you chose to use is likely to be around in 5 years, some may say 5 months is 4+1 too many....

I hope that you will accept these changes for the most dense element ever discovered; Parliamentium.

Thinking of ALL the front line staff working to try to help others;Doctors, nurses, paramedics, cleaners, NA's, catering staff, support services and all others. Their work is appreciated more than you can ever realise-keep strong and safe.

Remember Jo Cox and what she stood for.

Any comments above are only MY OPINION and should be read as that.

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