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F1 no longer on any free to air as Live events.

Oh dear,

F1 will not be available on any free to air platform in the U.K. EXCEPT for the British race.

It will be broadcast live on Sky and only highlights, a minimum of 3h later and with many other restrictions as regards content, will be on C4 for this year....

There are many concerns that the audience will drop from the average 2.5 million per event to around 600,000 only on PayTV.

Advertisers including the big brands like Honda, Mercedes etc are concerned about the lack of exposure.

The massive fee that Sky is paying equates to 11% of F1's total income.

A very retrograde step IMO, we will certainly NOT be watching any of the races, probably even the GB one as not having the build up will reduce the value of a one-off event.

What do others think ?

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