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By campervan, you are probably thinking of something like a VW.
I would question the suitability of one for 2 adult males and a 76y old woman: I'm not saying that its impossible, but go and have a good look at one in a salesroom before you part with your money.
Obviously it will be easier to park one in a town.
At the vast majority of pubs there will not be access to electricity, which might make things less comfortable for you all.

A motorhome, by which I assume you imply something larger, will be that little more awkward to park and a little more conspicuous on a street, but nothing to worry about.
It will probably have more friendly toilet facilities and even a shower, which means you don't have to rely so much on campsites.

Campsites may well say "no noise after 10pm" but that doesn't mean "inside" the van.
It's just a case of maintaining a peaceful environment and something for which most campers are grateful.

You will read that parking in Scotland is easier than in England, because of local byelaws, BUT if you don't feel safe, move on.

Enjoy - Gordon
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