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Parking a motorhome in Scotland

I have a beginner question regarding whether to rent a motorhome in Scotland or not.
I am going to Scotland with my brother and mother who is 76, planning to tour the country for 3 weeks.
We're considering to hire a motorhome (a larger one with 3 separate beds) . The idea would be to rent one because we're not entirely sure of our schedule, and in many ways, it might be easier for my mum (who does not walk well) to get in and out of a motorhome for sightseeing every day than a hotel (and she could rest at any point during the day). Also, it might end up being cheaper.
Though I am obviously very excited to enjoy the endless natural beauty of Scotland, and look forward to staying at beautiful campsites, we'd also like to enjoy the towns and pubs at night as well.
Perhaps this is a crazy or annoying question, but is it at all possible to park in the cities/towns at night with a motorhome?
Unlike many who tour in motorhomes because they want to end up somewhere quiet enjoying the nature (which I like to do too!), we don't want to end up at a campground, far from towns and people, EVERY night...
We like to meet the locals and talk over a few pints (and then obviously not drive afterward). My brother and I see enough of each other... Ending up at a campground when it's still light out at 10 pm staring at each other could get old after a week.
I realize you can't "have your cake and eat it too".
Are touring in a motorhome and enjoying the towns at night mutually exclusive? Can you park a motorhome in town? Will everyone hate us? Is it more possible with a campervan than a motorhome?
Thank you!
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