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Originally Posted by aldra View Post
Watching it with fascination

Never was a royalist

But now I know why

What a load of pretentious idiots

The queen

Possibally a touch better than most

But really what gives her the right to feel superior

An accident of birth ?

We've enjoyed the two series so far and look forward to the third. Olivia Coleman is playing HRH in the next series which should be good.

It's just a drama though. The events are real, well most of them, but the conversations are imagined and the portrayal of the individual characters will be a mix of what has been observed from old newsreel, what the director wants and the talents that each actor brings to their role. Their portrayal may be accurate, but it could just as easily not be!

From what I have read you can find, in equal measure, those who dismiss the whole thing as inaccurate rubbish, and those who praise the series for its honesty and accuracy.

Infamy, infamy! They've all got it in for me!
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