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Well I am really thankful that my husband's recent demise was treated with such dignity, compassion and common sense. He was under the care of, in Hospital Intensive Care, of a Specialist Physician and a Trauma specialist. They very quickly asked me and my stepson what our expectations were. We said, while there is still hope see what can be done, but once there is no hope of recovery, please let him die peacefully and with dignity. I could tell by the hospital bills that they had explored every possible angle to see if this was an incidental illness which could be treated or a terminal illness. Within 2 days they told us there was only a 5% chance of recovery. (But actually it was a nil chance of recovery. I think they were being kind!) I knew full well what my husband's wishes were so I had no problem with passing that on. Over the next few days and his systems failed he was kept calm with morphine. I was there when he passed over and I saw the care and experience of the nursing sister who took care of him at the end.

OK skeptics, stop reading here!

I'm actually peaceful, no, happy, that he's "gone home" to be with his family on the other side and that feeling is far greater than my personal sadness. I consider myself to be "spiritually connected" and I know I'm as cared for, loved and looked after now, as I was when he was alive. On one occasion not long after he passed, I'd set off one morning to give a quilting presentation some 40km away. I stopped at the neighbourhood garage to fill up and I got a "message". "Where's your computer?" I'd left it on the kitchen counter by the back door. That's exactly how my husband used to look after me. I wasn't even thinking "oh where's my computer". (If you've never tried it (heard it?) don't knock it.

To want someone to live on when their best life is over, and is not coming back, is selfish in the extreme.


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