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An A&E consultant friend explained it to us this way, in all his years of training most of the training was focused on preserving life, curing and investigating, very very little time was about how to deal with palliative care in an impending death situation.

Our own experience when we were caring for my MiL suffering from terminal lung cancer was greatly helped by her hospital Macmillan Nurse. When her doctor mentioned getting various other procedures and investigations done, the nurse explained to us, as we were unaware of the invasive nature of the investigations and the ambulance transfer waits etc, that questions need to be asked of the Consultant as to the quaility of life during the extra investigations compared to immediate hospice care.

Only when pressed hard did the consultant admit that the outcome was similar but the medical investigations were uncomfortable and time consuming, therefore it was obvious to us calm hospice care was the best option as to remaining quality of life, so we refused the suggested further investigations.

My advice is don't be afraid to ask the hard questions of Doctors, they have to give you honest answers.


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