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We have had multiple problems with TT support and duff info. Ours packed up and would not show or allow GPS positions to be put in.

Rang them, was told it was too old to repair and to buy new one at discount. I asked for a camper, told not done now and no plans to repeat. So bought the Trucker one total piece if sh1t could not even find London from Romsey.... literally. Once it settled it tried to take me (supposedly an HGV) through the centre of every village ignoring the bypasses....

I said not if merchantable quality, was told too old (3 weeks), raised dispute with credit card, suddenly a special offer of refund was made....

Was then told (by accident as they had left the phone live) that they had not switched services on when I had paid 6 weeks earlier..... at that point old TT restored BUT

still not great - keeps requiring reset (drum roll) and after last update it displays alternative route in large white box with 4 lines of small text that cannot be read while driving - very dangerous.

All in all my long term love affair with TT is waning - fast....

A divorce could be on the cards soon....

Any typo that I make means the errorists win.

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